Psychic Tibor

Born into a Hungarian family known for its psychic lineage, it could not have been very surprising for mom to learn she had given birth to a very talented young man. By the age of six, it had become apparent to both mother and child that Tibor would be in need of some very special training to allow him to understand and master his emerging gifts. His mother took him under her wing, gave him much instruction and it wasn’t long before he took flight all on his own. While still a child, Tibor was already reading for others and expanding his boundaries. His mother fanned the flames of his curiosity and the avid pupil soaked up all the metaphysical knowledge she taught him. Tibor discovered the art of Tarot,  a useful tool that focused his gifts and gave him a colorful canvas in which to work.  He also became very interested in the science of astrology, observing the fascinating alignments of planets, houses and stars that came together at the time of birth to create a unique blueprint to be explored. With careful study and practice,  he mastered astrology and became a member of both the National Association of Astrologers and the Mountain Astrologer’s Guild. With a profound reverence for ancient civilizations, he has come to understand the magical life of ancient Egypt. By studying the ways of the ancient past, he has obtained a deeper meaning and truth that he applies to his work today. Tibor is also an ordained Minister and holds a Doctorate of Divinity in the field of Comparative Religions. He is also a teacher of divination and is very grateful for the opportunity to spread his knowledge and council to those in need.

Possessing such a rare gift at an early age has afforded him many years to hone his craft. He has, in fact, been performing readings since he was a child and has done so with impressive results that would amaze even the most seasoned of psychics. The majority of his work has taken him to New Orleans and South Florida where he has serviced a large clientele. Many are celebrities, including a well known director and several famous actors and singers whose names must remain confidential out of respect for their privacy.  Tibor is a celebrity himself, having hosted a TV show for six years and a daily radio program for eleven years. He’s also appeared in print in three magazines, including Metro Pulse in Knoxville, TN and Natural Awakenings, which has featured him on five separate occasions. He is also a contributing author on the subject of esoteric science. Tibor has worked in four important metaphysical centers, performing readings and healings that have transformed the lives of many of his clients. He’s also had law enforcement call upon him from two separate agencies, for assistance with their search for missing persons. There are many local clients who depend upon his psychic counsel, but he has also reached out to many in various parts of the country, having worked on two popular psychic lines since 1992. Needless to say, there’s a great demand for Tibor to read at private parties and other social functions. As an ordained minister, he truly cares about people and strives to help them improve their lives.He’s a Scorpio on the cusp of Sagittarius, a fascinating mix, to be sure.  He is the proud father of two beautiful adult children, 7 amazing grandchildren and two very psychic cats who are always playing with the spirits in the house. Tibor loves to unwind with gardening and cooking and spends a great deal of time penning articles for his local metaphysical magazine.  He cares deeply for people and sees his gift as a blessing from Spirit that can truly help others along the journey we call life…
    Contact Tibor for pricing information @ 561-900-8119 or send message via Facebook.


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