(Bastet ) Bast !
Is the awareness of the fact that like me all cat’s are psychic too! Bast

A Year And A Day

Bast (Pagan Blog Project)
Bastet, Baast, Baset, Ubasti, Pasch, Pasht, Ailuros, Aelurus

  • A popular ancient Egyptian feline goddess.
  • Patron of the sun, the moon, lions, cats, women, sex, fertility, passion and secrets.  Also associated with perfume and protective ointments.
  • Bast is also known as a war goddess, protector of the lands.

File:British Museum Egypt 101-black.jpg

  • Originally, Bast was viewed as a fierce lioness, protector goddess of Lower Egypt.  She defended the pharaoh and the male deity Ra, giving her the names Lady of the Flame and Eye of Ra.  She was also seen as the daughter of Ra.
  • Once the Egyptian cultures unified, the fierce lioness war deity Sekhmet became more dominant.  Bast was renamed Bastet and began to be associated with domesticated cats and seen as a mother deity.
  • The Greeks later associated her with the moon and children, and likened her to Artemis.

Bast - Emily Balivet

  • Bast was sometimes depicted holding a ceremonial sistrum…

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