Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Up this morning

Katheryn Le Fevers Evans – Leadership in Depth & Archetypal Psychology : Indigenous Vision Quest– This is a Medicine Wheel presentation

Joseph Merlin Nichter – The Ink Blot Tarot: A Querent’s Journey of Self Discovery

Kenneth Christensen – Runic Academy: Transmutation of the Dark Night of the Soul into a Creative Process

Joan DeArtemis – Help! There’s a Pagan in my Christian College

2nd Session

Joseph Futerman, Elizabeth Rose MSW and Charlotte Turvey – Building Pagan Community Organization: Avoidance, Engagement and Adaptation

Kimberly Kiner – Fear, Minority Stress and the Journey Toward Healing

Moderator – Jeffrey Albaugh, Kim Kiner, Joseph Futerman, Elizabeth Rose, Charlotte Turvey, – Panel Discussion: Putting Descartes Before the Horse: Pagan Identities and Challenges to Serving the Pagan Body Politic



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