Well done!

Susan Korsnick

While I had every intention of working all weekend on the Roots series of paintings that I mentioned in my last post, Mother Nature had other plans for me on Saturday.  Instead of the cold, grey, frosty January day I was expecting, Saturday was warm, sunny, & enticing.  I couldn’t resist the desire to be outside.

Whistling for Freyja, we slowly explored the backyard together.  She sniffed the ground for signs of rabbits while I took notice of each small bud & each bright red winterberry.  I walked deliberately, visualizing roots reaching from the soles of my feet into the soft, damp soil then sighed contentedly.  Being outside is so soothing to the spirit!

After pruning blueberry bushes & grapevines then hauling two wheelbarrow loads of debris to a spot behind my house where lawn clippings can be composted, dirt was not only on my hands but also on my…

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