My brother Todd was four years younger than me. He and I as children really didn’t favor one another too much. But as we got older we started to look a lot alike. My brother and I had a life that would be almost impossible to comprehend and this modern world! I was born in 1960 he in 1964.We were really were lucky because we didn’t know, that we were really living the last of the ‘Huck Finn’ boy’s.

Todd and I were inseparable, sometimes by choice most times due to my being older but it never bothered me. I’m actually inclined to nurture, that we would give our chores a run through. And get out and do imaginary things! We used to get out into the treaty sent to the long green vines playing Tarzan and what not. But my brother just knew me. Better than anybody else, and I wish he was here with us today! and thanks to wonderful gift he spent a few hours with me today. Todd knew me like the back of his hand and he asked me about spooky things. A lot of times he would talk to me about how I saw things and how different it was for me and him.

I’m never forget the time that he and I used to go in the cat ladies house she was a wonderful woman and was living in mass that was following them around her in Elizabeth town Indiana. We newer name. But we would go over every day hands dripping with flowers for her! And she would let us help her feed her cat’s… One day, Toddy wanted to hurry up and get over to her house and I asked him why? He said “it’s getting dark! I’m afraid of that house at night” so I did that get myself together fasting go to our daily Meet and greet. Later that night, Todd and I had the same bedroom so he lay in bed talking he was telling me about a lady of and blue that he saw around the house one day. He said “is that how it’s going to be for us? Is that how it feels for you? Can you see them too?I of course told him yes I did. Then it was okay with him there was no difference between me and the man in the moon.


I hope one day to be able to please everybody but , I will just keep on trying my best! and if you wish to email me. at

I will tell you all about a party I am doing reading’s for and it is going to be wonderful 🙂




The time is passed on and Todd has left us. Whenever I’m feeling vulnerable or agitated I started to smell those old flowers we picked for the lady with the cats. And I know Todd is there. In my coma I just see him quite  frequently!I am teaching my Dragon and it is easy to work with! so now I talk and type at the same time. But often when I say is that what comes out. I’m getting better at it.


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