Hello everyone this is Tibor!

I wanted to talk a little about the idea of words and photographs. So many of you are photographers and half been taking picture after picture all your lives.

Then you’re just the right persons that for me to talk to about “Orbing”. Often times I go to visit friends and well looking through their photograph albums,. I notice so often orbs they’ve never seen So, I would like to invite all the photographers on this site to begin to look for those ground hard to see structures that might be hard to notice if you’re not looking for them I would entreat you to understand that there’s nothing wrong there and there’s nothing new there.

As we are grasping to learn about our environment, we need to grasp on to the ideologies of opening our minds! And challenging ourselves to involve all the senses. We need that keeping ‘that open-minded approach’ will allow you to see things you are not allowing yourself to see now. You know the more I think about things, I’ve kind of started to really look at things the way that the computer does.

The computer that we all know and love, doesn’t miss anything! So, while you’re looking at your photography look at it very close. See it with a magnifying glass or perhaps notice when you’re looking at the back of different people in the room settings.  You’ll see them immediately…

if anyone would like to get in touch with me. My website www.psychictibor.com

in my e-mail address is psychictibor@live.com

Have a safe “New Year” Lean into the love…


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