As I sit here going through all of the photos that I have taken at all of the family Christmas Parties, I found myself reminiscing about years past and when we were celebrating with the relatives that have moved on to the next life.  I realized how much that I have learned from them, and even though they are not with me in human form they are always with me in mind and spirit.  I took close to 100 photos this year, and only one that I took, has three Spiritual Orbs in them.  They are attached to my Grandmother, which does not surprise me, sense we just lost Grandpa close to two years ago.  I can only guess that the other two are my baby uncle Mikey, and another one of the family still celebrating with us this season.


If you look closely, you can see one at my Grandma’s shoulder, and two others beside her at my oldest son’s back.  At first look, you might think it is just something on the lens, but it is not in any other pictures that I took.  They are not just cloudy round dots, they have details inside them.  I truly believe they are my family celebrating the holidays with us. 

The holidays are supposed to be about love, caring, and closeness to the ones we hold dear.  I am sure they continue to feel this way even in the next life.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season.

Sara Maria



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