December 28th 2012

December 28th 2012

We Begin

This Full Moon began the hotly debated planetary alignment process. We are sure to witness marvelous things in the next few day’s! I do not believe that this will be the end of anything but the beginning! We are entering a new Paradigm. Many people that have been unaware of gifts will start to see them increase. and photography of random individuals will begin to show dots of color around the frame of the gifted.

Take heart and fear nothing. As the steps toward the  Winter Solstice December 21/22 will be a time of great and chain breaking! the “Old King leave power to the Young King’ celestially.

May Your day be Blessed,


This is one unexplained photograph taken by a devout Catholic in his guitar repair shop in Texas. This is one such photo of thousands happening.


2 thoughts on “December 28th 2012

    • Ann,, I will be posting photos and videos too! I want to take the screamers and the hocus-pokus away from this topic and many others! Look for our video of the “The Baltimore Hotel” coming very soon too!


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