Christmas Haunting

Christmas Hauanting

I want to share a wonderful story that I have been blessed to see myself. When my children were

very young, I would stay in the house till I knew they would be sound asleep during a lovely snow.

I needed to go out around the house to see all the beautiful designs  the wind would lay out on the land. I find it a miracle to be sure! I would make my way around the property and I could feel the magic that winter really is and just never grew out of that myself.

I have forgotten the year but my wife and I had moved to New Orleans. I was in school and I working like a maniac just to get my land legs there and we where heading towards Christmas. My wife was also working at an office job as a computer analyst, she was our principle source of income and in those days we had a lot of pasta dinners at home! Needless to say I was feeling super stressed because I wanted to make sure my children had the “coolest stuff around”. So I went on tucking money away, but the truth was I was not feeling like I could handle the shame of letting my Sara and Nicholas do without.  I went to work and a co worker was talking about his friends house being haunted, and try as they might no one could do a thing about it.   I said I would follow the guy to the house to see if I could do anything.

When we got there I could see the house was a rebuild of  the old slave quarters in Old Algiers. and  we  meandered back to a pretty old home which was all closed up from the cold. My friend told the  family “I was maybe able to help them”. So I went in on Christmas Eve and a feeling of anxiety bagged me one right away, along with a feeling of terror! I admit I was shocked by it as I stepped into the house.   I looked through the beautiful little place and felt hundreds of things. I then sat with the family and told them why this was going on and what to do.

75994_388933334516288_617896081_nAs I let my self continue, allowing this sort of “awareness” that there was a lot trying to be said to me and I could see this family smudge the house every day from full moon they seamed to have a handle on things. So, I thought I was done.

Goodbye’s said and my escort drove on. I was standing in a brisk and cold wind caught me. I was sure it would snow but it had not snowed in the “Crescent City” for over twenty or more years. Yet rather than enter my car and go home I was feeling the haunting and made my way back to the slave quarter’s to ponder it all yet again. I could hear them all “chatting”, the spirits there in the run of four separate homes now… I walked to the last house,  the home I had just left now dark and closed up against the freezing wind. That is when I saw them.

To wonder light forms sitting on the old porch. lovers for many years back. the had loved the little pace and they felt the children in the house might hurt it.   You see he was an artist in life and she sold and helped him work. I let them “merge”” with me for a long time and the said “they felt better now”. going back to my car again a really cold wind hit me!

and scattered paper and cups

then I say as clear as day 200 dollars tucked onto my car widow!

I went home with some and a shopping spree after!

wonderful memories of “New Orleans”.

Happy Holiday’s to all,

Tibor.  By the way, It started to sow on my way home!


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