The Psychic Gene


Gene transmission is how parents are able to give DNA to their children.  Does that mean there is a psychic gene? In my case, I think this could be very possible. While my father is quite adept in the art, my mother has dreams that come true.  I have a gift that has been passed down from both of them.  I tend to follow more in my mom’s footsteps, I also have visions in the forms of dreams.  As I have gotten older, I have noticed more of these have transpired and come true.

Have you ever thought of about someone and then they call you or come over a split second later?  That has been happening to me for years, and I also seem to look at the clock when it is exactly 12:34.  I always thought these to be little quirky things, but know I am starting to read more into them.

If a particular quality or ability runs in the family, a lot of people in that family have it.  If this is true for sports stars and artists, why not psychic’s? There are so many types of psychic energy, and some people are able to really channel it without trying at all. I know my type is more precognition –  “knowing the future”.  or having special insight.  Mine comes to me in a dream form, and they are often recurring.

Here is an interesting way to see if you might have that gene, like I do. Take 5 blank index cards. On the back of each card, write the following symbols:

A STAR, A MOON, A SUN – (or a circle), A COMET, and AN ECLIPSE – (or a solid dot)

Now, give the cards to a friend or family member to hold. Instruct them to hold up one card at a time, with the black side facing you.Take several deep breaths, and try to enter a calm state of mind. Try and clear everything out of your mind and relax. Let the aura of the card flow easily into your mind.

I tried this exercise and I was very surprised to find I got all of them correct.  The more I except my gift, the more I receive.  This is an awakening for me, and I must say I am very excited to see how my energy blossoms.

Sara Maria


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