Dreams are very important to mental and physical health, this much we
know. What we do not know is why almost everyone experiences
recurrent dreams. It appears there are common dreams, shared by most people.

There is even a top 10 List of these:

1.) Being Chased

2.) Falling Out of Control

3.) Being Lost or Unprepared

4.) Being Naked - Usually in Public

5.) Dental or Dreams of Teeth

6.) Going NoWhere- Usually running in
place or Paralysis

7.) Flying

8.) Dreams of Water - Floods, Drowning

9.) Looking for a Bathroom

10.) Trapped

Although these are the most common, we all have varieties of these
subjects which might make us wonder why we are continually
experiencing these significant representations of our actual fears or
concerns in our waking life. There are plenty of explamations out
there from any variety of sources. Some of these dreams
come off as amusing, while others are nightmares we do not enjoy. This
is a list created by Tonja Bennett and posted 1/5/2010

Another list designed by Lauri Quinn Lowenberg places the following
typical dream list as:

1.) Chased

2.) Teeth Falling Out

3.) Dirty toilets that don't work

4.) Going back to your old school

5.) Your Mate Cheating on you

More interesting animal dreams include snakes and horses. Yes, there
are lots of sites where you can research possible reasons you are
having the same dreams
over and over...but perhaps you are the only one who can discover the
keys in your life that might promote these nightly dreams. Maybe
things ease for you in an area of your life. The recurrent dream
stops and then you have the dream once again. The issue that is
causing the dream has not been "put to bed". Dreams reveal
things about your soul and life. Here are a few sites which might
give you clues to their meanings:

Happy dreaming!

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