Are your interests possibly your past lives?

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to a certain genre or era in time?  I for one really like the Civil War, Medieval times and the early 1920s.  I have always been fascinated with these, and have reached out to learn as much as I could about each.  I feel really comfortable and content with everything that find to dream about in each time period.

I found a little past life generator just for fun, but I am really not sure that it’s forecast is even close to who I was really was in the past.  Is the web address if you would like to interact and see who you might have been in the past.

Picture your hand inside a glove. The glove moves only when your hand does. Take your hand out and the glove sits lifeless on the table. This is an easy way to visualize what happens when you die. Imagine your body is the glove being operated by who you really are—your spirit. When you die your body gets left behind, lifeless like a glove, but your spirit lives forever.

Our physical death isn’t the end, but rather is a step forward and a time of indescribable joy for the person making the transition.

f you are really interested in knowing who you were in your past lives and to really open up your mind to the wonderful things in our universe, we would be glad to help you on your journey.



Sara Maria.


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