My Haunted House

Let me introduce myself to you..I am Sara Maria the daughter of Psychic Tibor and I am a 33yr old mother of three boys. I have always been able to sense or feel presences since I was a little girl, and it usually took the form of goose bumps.  I have to say I take after my parents in that aspect, and she felt something in my old house just as I did.

The house itself was built in or around 1899 by the Postmaster in our town , and it was a masterpiece for sure in its day.  All of the beautiful inlays and woodworking are still a site to see.  That is exactly what drew my husband and I to purchase it, even though it needed a lot of work.  I have never been a fan of living in haunted houses, and I was sure the moment I stepped into the place that something was hiding in there.  It didn’t seem dangerous or anything, but more of a friendly spirits or spirits as I later found out.

The upstairs was the place that made me shiver in the dark, and I always felt a chill in the east most room.  I tried to stay away from it, at least at night or when I was alone in the house.  My eldest son decided to take that room when we moved in, and I never really heard him complain about it.  He stayed there for the first 6 months without any problems, and then we moved him down stairs when we decided to have another baby.  My husband and I took our middle sons room, and he got moved to the “chilly” room.

Soon after he moved in, he started telling me that someone was calling his name in the middle of the night.  I assured him that I nor his father were doing that, and he said it was a woman that he didn’t know.  That concerned me a little, so I started out trying to find out more about the house itself.

I looked at our local library and that is where I found out that the Postmaster built it, but it didn’t give me much more information.  I was then directed to the County Recorder’s, and I am still in the process of going through all of the old books trying to find out more about who built it and possibly who lived there.  I was sure we had a woman, and my mother sensed a little boy living with us upstairs.  I continue to dig deeper into the mystery, and I continue to find out more spirits are living there.

I had two psychics come into the house to see what they thought was going on, and I didn’t tell them what I already knew was living with us.  They said that they were several spirits in the house and that they seemed to be a family.  There were some children and an older woman living in the upstairs part of the house, and an angry male spirit that only seemed to be residing in the basement.  I was not really surprised with the finding of the spirit in the basement, it only made sense to me.  I have two dogs that would not go down in the basement for anything, and they both follow me around like two little lost puppies.  They say that animals sense ghosts and spirits, and that really explains a lot.

We did move out of the house a few years ago and my brother moved in with his family shortly afterwards.  They have had more spiritual activity than we ever did, the woman made herself present, and has been seen several times on the landing of the stairs.  She seems upset and is wearing a white dress.  The angry man is also been restless, since my brother starting doing work to the upstairs of the house.  They hear footsteps at night and have also heard doors slamming when no one else was up there.

My brother’s girlfriend came to me with this new activity, and I suggested that she burn sage in every room of the house and put mirrors up too.  We are working together to try and find out who lived there, so maybe we can figure out who this family of ghostly spirits are.  So far they have not hurt anyone and they seem to be cohabitating, but they don’t like any structural changes made to the house.

I have a close friend that has a closer touch to the spiritual realm, and she has seen five ghosts so far in the house.  We just recently went over to visit and planted many more mirrors to keep them less active.


This dress is very similar to the one the ghostly woman wears in the haunted house.


3 thoughts on “My Haunted House

  1. What a good story! Sounds a lot like what happened in my house. I don’t know about your experience, but ours manifested both day and night. Not much difference. Not only that, but away from the house too. And, like with your house, structural changes did have an impact.

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