Mare such a wise woman and dear friend to me.

I will begin a blog in conjunction with Psychic Tibor with something
many of us do not want to know or hear about, but something that is
vital to the health and welfare of our dear friends.

Currently, the best way to communicate is through the internet.  We
have I Phones, computers and wonderful ways to reach you. We are
determined to use every method available.

The basis of our outreach and the goal of our efforts is to bring
forth the undeveloped psychic gifts, mysticism and spiritual realms of
this world and within your mind. We wish to connect to
and utiliize the natural world, with all its beauty, for our quest.
Obviously we wish to learn to live happily on earth, cherishing it
instead of ruining it. This is also part of our mission.

This being said, we need to be warned of the unknown dangers we all
might  face through technology.  This is a brave new world we are
living in and we must be aware of our habits and
how they may impact our well being.

If we are hooked into telephones, computers and unsolicited messages
night and day, our behavior and dependence on technology may even
change the way our brains work. Like
mice being rewarded when a bell rings, we are becoming accustomed to
easy access to ideas and social interaction through modern technology.
We sleep next to our phones so we
don’t miss a call, text or email. We wake up and decide through our
digital media what is new for us for the day…not planning who we
will see in person or how we will manage
our time.  We are constantly on the defensive in a way, a slave to
our machines.

If we are bored we can play an involved game and feel we have
accomplished something.  We may even become uninterested in nature or
the outdoors and become satisfied with the virtual
world.  Inside our air-conditioned or heated homes, in the most
comfortable environment we can create,  we can interact, learn and
discover important or fulfilling things about ourselves
and others with a click. According to the July 12, 2012 issue of
Newsweek the average teen processes an astonding 3,700 texts a month.
This would indicate an obsession in this form of
communication I do believe.

This new world has a dark side we all know about, but probably ignore.
We have all heard the horror stories…people who ignore their lives,
their children, and their needs, while they show
unceasing attention and devotion to their machines.  School children
trying to find their idenities  may now be attempting to find
themselves in on-line profiles and friendships on Facebook,
where an anonymous “friend” might bully or destroy them.  Everything
that involves us seems to succumb to on-line spins, opinions and facts
with no research or study.  In fact, there are
current studies connecting high usage of social media, and the digital
world to depression, anxiety, mental illness and a vague dependence
which may move into an uncomfortable addiction.

My point?  Through Psychic Tibor we want to capture your imagination
and hope to expand your journey.  We hope we can all recognize and
work toward a life that is filled with actual constructive
activity outside the virtual existance.  We will try to provide
options for you beyond this advancing technological dependence, so
that we can all learn together and experience each other. Where
our goals of  inner peace, love, happiness and contentment in the real
world…that nevers gets disconnected.  Where a possible insult is
handled in person and you know the person who
is providing it, why and in what context.  Where there are changes and
perceptions which are obvious, like the turning leaves or falling
snow…with all our senses are in play and joy in life is a result.

You may meet us on line…but we hope to live off the grid. Collect
your senses…all of them…and join us.




Mare such a wise woman and dear friend to me.

Mare, certain to find us the “Best” blossom..
Marilyn Egan, known by her favorite people as Mare, was born in the
small agricultural community of Hooper, Nebraska.  She was educated
there and later attended the University of Nebraska.  She ran a small
weekly newspaper in this community and later created a History of
Hooper, a 200 page book to celebrate the Centennial of the community
with photos and history.  She has a unique perspective of the changing
world from agriculture to industry to technology because of her age
and upbringing. Marilyn married Mike Egan, who she met at the
University in 1969. She assisted her husband to be elected as a non
partisan public representative for Omaha Public Power District and
they had one child, a son named Errol. She sold the little newspaper
and moved to Omaha after they were divorced in 1980.

Marilyn believes in the strength of the middle class and small
business. She left the newspaper business after establishing a
publication for the trade unions in Omaha. She remarried and moved to
Wheeling, West Virignia, in 1984. Mare changed careers  following this
move and became an Interior Designer.  She utilized her artistic and
business skills to obtain bids for
designing both residential and commercial projects.  Marilyn created
rooms in several local show houses benefiting the Oglebay Institute
while working at Ethan Allen, Thomasville and Lane galleries.  She
attained professional status in the Interior Design Society and was
Head Designer for Stone and Thomas Department Stores, where the
highlight of her career was renovating Pipestem Resort on the West
Virginia, Virginia border.

Mare moved to Florida in 1996.  She began a new career in real estate
and worked for a variety of developers including Ansca
Homes and Toll Brothers, where she worked from 2000 to 2007, as an
award winning sales manager.

Her interests and beliefs have now lead her into the spiritual realm,
and although she still sells homes for Nautica Realty, she is
determined to broaden her world by collaborating with Psychic Tibor.
It is often happy circumstance that directs the traveler to their next
destination in life.  Marilyn and Tibor are a match in their current
quest to develop a resource for people who want to broaden
their lives with positive discoveries of the strength and abilities of
the human soul.



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